The Swiss Restaurant

The Expo Milano 2015 universal exhibition provides Switzerland with a unique opportunity to demonstrate the excellence of its agri-food and gastronomic products, as well as the achievements of Swiss agriculture, to a wide international audience.

The restaurant of the Swiss pavilion, managed by Palexpo SA Geneva in collaboration with Agro Marketing Switzerland (AMS), provides visitors with an opportunity to discover Swiss food products of gastronomic quality. The pavilion also has an exclusive selection of Swiss wines thanks to a joint initiative of Swiss Wine Promotion, Palexpo SA Geneva and Presence Switzerland (PRS, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs).

The food industry is a key driver of Swiss communication: cheese, dried meat and chocolate are an important part of the national image. As the association responsible for marketing Swiss food products, AMS will be on hand to inform visitors about the cornucopia of Swiss agriculture at its stand near the entrance to the restaurant.

Swiss agriculture is also in the spotlight in one of the four pavilion towers: apples provided by small producers in eastern Switzerland represent the quality, biodiversity and capacity for diversification of the agricultural sector in Switzerland.

With its extensive presence at Expo Milano 2015 the agri-food sector hopes to project a positive image of an economic activity that is innovative and future-oriented.