Plant Doctor game

Plants need doctors too. Can you save the crops?

The Plant Doctor Game, a video game specially developed for the Swiss pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, enables visitors to step into the shoes of a smallholder farmer who needs to protect his or her crops. The theme of the 2015 Universal Exhibition is food security worldwide. The SDC will showcase its commitment and capacity for innovation in this domain at the Expo.

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Meet the farmer who grows your morning coffee Help save their crop with plant doctor advice Earn food security points to build a food secure world

The app is based on a real life plant clinics helping farmers worldwide.

Today, an estimated 500 million smallholder farmers feed 70% of the world, but they suffer major losses when their crops get sick. That is the challenge driving Plantwise – supported by Switzerland and other partners – to help countries set up and run plant clinics.

Plantwise works with developing countries to provide science-based advice to farmers, just like good medical advice helps parents keep their children healthy. Plant doctors are trained to look, listen and diagnose the problem in the field. Farmers lose less of what they grow, feed more people and provide for their families.

Play the Plant doctor Game and discover what it takes to feed the world.

The Plant Doctor Game starts by briefing players about the context. Players receive some information about the situation of the world’s smallholder farmers and a general outline of the role and activities of the plant clinics that have been set up worldwide. Then the game begins in earnest. Players are shown a photo of a food and have to guess its main ingredient (coffee, cocoa, maize, etc.). They then meet the farmer who produces the ingredient, before being invited to step into the farmer’s shoes and choose the right time to sow the crop.

At this point, things take a turn for the worse: the crops are suddenly struck by disease. Players have to take action to ensure the food security of both their own family and many other people. They will have to seek the aid of a plant doctor in order to identify the disease and determine the most effective way to treat it.

The interactive Plant Doctor Game sets out to show how modern technology can be used to improve the lives of smallholder farmers. Players aim to earn as many ‘food security points’ as they can – they will then be able to compare their scores with other players and add their points to the total achieved by all the participants. The app is now available for downloading to a smartphone or computer. It was developed by Plantwise, the SDC partner behind the creation of plant clinics.

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Find out how a plant clinic works in real life. Watch cocoa farmer Phu visit the plant clinic in Vietnam.



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