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Marco D’Anna
Born in 1964 in Zurich, Marco D’Anna began his career as a photo reporter while still very young, obtaining a Federal Diploma in Photography in 1984. He continued to develop professionally, working in association with such major photographers as Gabriele Basilico, René Groebli, René Burri and Mario De Biasi.

He opened his studio in Lugano in 1986. In his search for professional and artistic growth, Marco D’Anna has been active in many fields, including photojournalism, the photographic reproduction of objets d’art, architectural photography, advertising and fashion.

In 2004 Marco D’Anna began a world tour with the writer Marco Steiner, revisiting the places that had earlier inspired the celebrated cartoonist Hugo Pratt to create the sagas of The Scorpions of the Desert and Corto Maltese. They collaborated in the prefaces to 14 volumes of the adventures of Corto Maltese as well as in many other projects.


Daniel Spoerri
Daniel Spoerri, a Swiss artist born in 1930, has conducted a prolific, multi-faceted experimental activity adopting different roles, as dancer, choreographer, assembler, performer, cultural animator, cook, restaurateur, publisher, writer, storyteller and artist.

After focusing on whole areas of reality and exploring hidden relations with objects, he has also measured himself with the heroic boundaries of knowledge.

The founder of Eat Art (a term coined in 1967), Spoerri launched a critical reflection on the fundamental principles of nutrition in relation to the spiritual value of humanity.