Nestlé scientific exhibition

Switzerland’s commitment to innovation and research in the field of nutrition is very strong and the investments are considerable. Hunger and malnutrition, together with lack of access to drinking water, are one of the great challenges of the 21st century. The goal of a balanced and adequate diet from birth is one of the key elements of Switzerland’s international cooperation programme.

Nestlé’s interactive exhibition in the Swiss pavilion at Expo 2015 begins by narrating the first thousand days of a human being’s life. The period from birth to the second year of life is fundamental to proper development of the body and the brain. Nutrition plays a key role for the health of both the foetus and the mother.

It is also in this period that humans begin to develop the tastes and preferences that will accompany them throughout life, for man’s relationship with food extends beyond the five senses to the emotions and memory of each individual, enriching what was once purely an instinct for survival.

Nestlé also looks into the secrets behind the fascinating relationship between people and food, a guide to the discovery of how and why mind and body continuously interact to the stimulus of food, and the mechanisms that lead us to desire, choose and enjoy the food we consume each day.

A guided tour with four stages, each dedicated to a theme:

Growth and development of the brain
Hunger and satiety
The role of the senses and the emotions in nutrition
Health and food: the future

A fascinating journey from food to mind and emotions. In this interactive exhibition Switzerland makes a significant contribution to the theme of Expo 2015.